Shishir (Chief Operating Officer)

An avid learner who totally believes customer first. Shishir has an extensive experience in Data center, ecommerce and Digital Marketing. He founded Excel Internet which gradually gained a reputation in delivering and promoting new ideas on Internet, that leave positive impact on people's lives.
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Monika (Social Media Musketeer)

Our surprise talent pack. Until she took our social media initiative with storm. We never realized we had this immense talent for Social engagement. She lives Facebook day in and day out. Always trying to think of new way to improve customer engagement. Nothing but quality can appease her. Beware, she can lose her cool easily if anyone is not able to match to her quality expectation. Our designers have serious complaints on her hard hitting style, but equal respect for her willingness to travel that extra mile to keep our customer social engagement in neat order.

Santosh Prasad (Project Lead)

Santosh Prasad is an amazing and experienced Microsoft coder. Hand him any problem and he shall have finest and most optimized solution for you. While he is pondering on your problem, he may stare blankly at you and may make you uncomfortable -- is this guy even listening? As he speaks out the solution you shall find a perfect solution and along with list of suggestions on the things you can do to make the solution even better.

Give him any problem, hand over a laptop and fill him with rounds of tea and bingo, you are resolved! That's our project in charge Santosh Prasad.


He has grown over the year and created a difference in designs for our customer. A very strong HTML person who prefers to reach perfection every time. Sanjeev comes with over 6 years of experience and has exposure of working with challenging projects

Sandeep Rawat (Accounts fanatic)

He only thinks figures, nothing else. Young and hardworking who keeps our finance in order. Keeping customers happy with his customer support acumen and immaculate accurate with numbers and compliances.