Platform hardening
Any IT system that has public interface, such as a web server or mail server, must be "hardened" to minimize the risk of successful attacks against it. Hardening is the process of preparing an public interface viz. operating system for use as a firewall or other public server by removing as many vulnerabilities as possible.

The following areas need careful attention when hardening an operating system:

  • File System Security
  • User Account Security
  • Logging and Auditing
  • Removing Unnecessary Services
  • Running Essential Services with Unprivileged Accounts
  • Physical Security
  • Network Protocol Vulnerabilities

Our services include proper assessment, critical suggestions of changes in detailed report and fixes for the vulnerabilities tracked. Our team ensure in-depth tests and vulnerability assessment for clients to secure the public interfacing infrastructure. If you are launching your public network for business or making changes into existing network, our team can credibly secure your network for as many vulnerabilities.

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